Extremely fit, ex Rhythmical Gymnast who adores and excels in the tender and relaxing art of 'MY STYLE' of erotic, sensual and mutually orgasmic Body to Body, Tantric Eroticism/Escort (see website for indepth coverage).

A sensually charged aficionado of style and grace who is an effervescent, warmhearted rarity to the Adult arena.

This erotically aware, delightfully audacious, dry humoured minx who believes the art of seduction, relaxation and the ultimate 'sharing' sensual high relies on the fact that mutually discerning natures are in sync, and compatibility and comfort level are first and foremost in considering a delicate, leisurely and complete tension vapourising tryst of the most natural kind. 

My private and satirical, socio/political website explains and describes my ultimate scenario for like minded, mature and equally discerning chaps who prefer refinement, elegance, sense of humour and eloquent conversation with reciprocal titillation of euphoric dimensions. In brief; an intimate and erotically charged, 'mutually' orgasmic delights of the flesh that leaves one on Cloud Nine long after we've said Adieu.

Email for availability is always the best as I do not contact phone numbers left until such times as your email explains yourself in a highly literate manner. Mum's the Word - discretion being the better part of valour!


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