Nuru Specialist Wales, Wales no 1 Premier Nuru Massuse

November 10, 2017

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Nuru Specialist Wales, Wales no 1 Premier Nuru Massuse

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If your a man or a woman who likes to indulge their sensuous side and enjoys being pampered then Nuru Massage is for you … after your hour and a half of sheer indulgence you will feel like the Queen of Sheba or The King of Hades!

Nuru is an ancient Japanese form of massage using Nuru Gel, made from Nori Seaweed. It originated in the Japanese Soap Houses where it was reserved for the elite and the warriors returning from battle. So you can expect something very very special!

I will greet you at my door with a passionate kiss wearing a silken wrap and not a lot else to welcome you in to my world of sensuality. I have take the time to prepare a special space just for us … warmth, flickering candle light, sensual music, and aromatic incense will envelope you as you walk in. Instantly you will feel the stresses of everyday life starting to lift to be replaced with a relaxed excitement for whats to follow …

Take off your garments and leave your inhibitions with them and slip into the shower, relax as the warm water runs over you then make yourself comfortable on my massage couch. I will give you a stimulating massage with a seasalt and oil body scrub. The scrub and my expert hands will exfoliate your body and enliven your skin, leaving it smooth and feeling new.

Lets go to the shower together … let the water cascade over us as I rinse away the salt and soap away the oils … the perfect chance for you to caress my sexy curves as we kiss and hold each other under the water.

By now things wil of inensified and we can move to the Nuru Bed,watch me as I cover my body in the glistening Nuru, and yes you can help! Lay back as I cover you in the silken Nuru Gel massaging it into you, building up your excitement until I slip and slide my body over yours in an erotic dance using every inch of my body to massage every inch of your body … my legs interlacing with yours, my bum and breasts gliding seemlessly over your skin, my lips and tongue exploring your body until you reach and erotic level you will never of reached before and explode in sexual bliss …

No doubt you will want this crescendo of sexual power and energy to culminate in a glorious happy ending and this you can have if you wish, or you can save the energy and buzz with it. The whole experience lasts an hour a half  so make sure you have enough time.

Thats the Nuru experience!!!… Its time to get back in the shower and wash down, then time to go home with your new happy memories. Remember…  everyone deserves happy memories and your memories belong to you and are no one elses business but yours! So cherish the most delicious ones!

Nuru 45 Minute Taster Experience …   £170

Nuru Hour (without the body scrub) … £200

Full 90 minute Nuru Experience …       £250

Deluxe Nuru Experience …                  £300

Various Naturalist Oil Massage Experiences are from £130 an hour

You will find out more on my website the link is below

Please Note …

You can not book a massage with me for someone else but you can purchase gift vouchers off me.

I can also provide couples massages alone or with a qualified male.

This is not a ‘full service’ so please respect my boundaries, I am not an escort but a fully qualified Aromatherapist, I am also qualified in anatomy and physiology. I also hold qualifications in various different styles of massage. Natural health and wellness is something of great interest to me so I constantly look to expand my horizons. I am currently looking into becoming a herbalist.

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Nuru Specialist Wales, Wales no 1 Premier Nuru Massuse


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Massage Styles Available

Body to Body, Sensual, Traditional, Swedish


Tuesday to Friday 8am until 5pm, I can be flexible on these times within reason. Some weekends too, it’s best to call for my availability


Leading people through the gardens in their mind on the sensual trip that is Nuru!

Over stepping of my boundaries, onion bad or ashtray breath. Poor hygine and general bad behaviour


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Incall Rates

200 with out the salt scrub (naturalist oil massages £130)